Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ho Toy

Neon, of course, advertises many and varied industries..Worship. Drinking. Funeral arrangements. Saukraut Balls. If it is something you eat, drink, or spend any money at all on, neon can advertise it. Two of my favorite things in life make for some of the best examples of classic neon: bowling..and Chinese food. Accross the country Chinese restaurant neon signs have glown brightly pointing hungry diners the way to dim sum, General Tso's, fried rice, etc etc. Sadly, many of these signs have gone dark over the years as have many installations of the twentieth century. Few old fashioned neon Chinese restaurant signs remain in Columbus. This is one. The Ho Toy is located smack dab in the middle of downtown Columbus, Ohio. I have yet to eat here, but I am sure the food is fine. I don't come to this area for the food. That sign! Amazing, all I can say. And it faces three directions. Now I wanted to come at night for the downtown geographic photo tour. Problem with downtown Columbus, is that still, despite the growth and attempts to be a true 'big city', the city is somewhat dull after the workday. I have been in the area at night, to see most restaurants and businesses closed up as early as 7:00PM. That includes the Ho Toy, which last time I went by after dark, the restaurant was obviously closed and the sign was OFF. So I went by a few days ago when I had nothing pressing to do, but no money to do anything else and figured I could catch it while it was gloriously glowing. It was mid afternoon, but it was a cloudy, rainy day so it wasn't too bad. Taken on the afternoon of 10/8.

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