Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Morse Rd/Northland

Yeah, I go by this area almost each and every day. I have pretty much covered the area extensively but I guess I neglected a few of the tucked in strip centers in the area that used to be dominated by Northland Mall, which was closed and demolished a few years ago. Northland itself had some cool neon if I recall, but by the end it was pretty dismal, like most dying and dead malls. Yes, dying and decaying retail is another one of my quirky interests. I definitely recommend a visit to this cool site dedicated to dead malls , as well as a visit to the northland area. It had been in decline for some time, but after Morse Road is reconfigured and the former mall site redeveloped, hopefully it will bounce back. All pics were taken the night of Tuesday, 10/7.

Gyro Express is a fast food restaurant located on an outparcel of the Morse Center strip center. I think they have more confidence in their wings, judging from the lit signage. Hair Plus is of course the place to go for all your fake hair needs. Yes, the mannequin head did almost scare me off for a split second.

Behind that stuff on the window the neon reads 'mattress'. When you already have neon, why overstate it with that stuff all over the windows?

Morse Center enterance sign. Like the strip mall itself, this sign probably dates to sometime in the late 70s. The Guitar Center located here was once a Big Bear supermarket. Older Big Bear stores had some cool neon gracing many of their facades, as did their warehouse in Grandview. Too bad the chain has been gone for nearly five years.

These were taken at a strip center at Morse and Karl Roads called the Patio Shops, which of course, dates to sometime in the late 70s. The ATM sign looks pretty old.

Hard to tell from this photo, but this once had very bright neon, with a neon motion arrow pointing the way to the building below. It is a Mexican-American supermarket now. In it's former life it was a fitness equipment retailer and electronic and appliance store called Sun TV, another defunct Columbus chain.

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