Monday, October 6, 2008

random sampling

So last night on my way home to watch the ALDS I thought I may have had enough time for a quick neon tour but decided against a full tour. I really wanted to see the Sox game. I did watch the game, and they did lose though they are still leading the series two games to one. I caught a few surprises however.

The OSU campus garage signs. I like these because they go back to a time when neon was used for purposes other than advertising, namely as traffic direction. Not as cool as the neon pedestrian signals of 1950s California, or similar warning signs at pedestrian crossings in Baltimore, but cool nonetheless. I believe similar neon signs were at the garages when I was a student at Ohio State over ten years ago, but these seem sorta new.

WWCD, "CD101" studios, located on Front street at the cusp of the Brewery district and downtown. CD101 is an alternative rock station, which plays mostly alternative rock from the 90s and 2000s, and occasionally the 80s. It is also the FM home of the Blue Jackets broadcasts.

While not appearing very interesting at first, this neon 'RESTROOMS" sign actually may be one of the few examples I have of lit neon at a closed/abandoned location. Though I have driven by it literally hundreds of times, the former Fudrucker's on E. Main street near I-270 caught my eye this morning. I turned around and lo and behold, a neon sign was lit up inside! The place has been closed for nearly two years and it obviously is not being developed in any sort of way. Weeds and grass were taking over the parking lot and the labelscars are even starting to fade. It is not in bad shape, but probably not a prime retail/restaurant location. I wonder how long that sign will stay lit, and who is paying for the electricity to light it!


Erica said...

Have you seen the neon sign at Golden Chopsticks at 4081 W Broad St (@ Georgesville Rd) ? The neon actually says "Chniese Food"

ColumbusNeon said...

I don't think I covered that side of the street..or maybe it was dark at the time I was there. I will have to get to it! With the original Ding Ho sign gone, that leaves The Peking Dynasty, The Rice Bowl, Ho Toy, and GC as the only coolish/oldish style neon Chinese restaurant signs left in Columbus.