Saturday, October 4, 2008

S.R.256/Pickerington/eastern Reynoldsburg

It was Friday and I was off work a bit early so I figured I could get some neoning in. A cool crisp autumn evening almost screams "SHOOT SOME NEON!". Getting out of the inner city a bit (which I will return to very shortly) I got out to suburbia again, to the State Route 256 corridor, in western Fairfield County. The commercial strip starts in Reynoldsburg near Livingtson (which is actually the 'end' of Livingston) and south into Pickerington. Typical for multilane commercial car oriented strips that circle Columbus, this was a two-lane rural road until ten or fifteen years ago, when the development boom that swept over the nation swept over the Fairfield/Franklin county line, about five miles outside the I-270 outerbelt. Not a heck of a lot of neon in the area, but enough to say I did a photo tour of the area. Perhaps the small old town of Pickerington has some examples, and I do intend of course eventualy to hit the other southeast suburbs such as Canal Winchester and Groveport, so I maybe I will check out other parts of Picktown when I get out there. For now, enjoy the meager but cool neon of 256. All were taken the evening of Friday, 10/3.

Not actually on 256, but Tussing, a cross street..this was taken from I-70 near the 256 interchange.

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