Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The gift that keeps on giving..

Missing links! With the turnover rate of neon pretty high these days due to several factors, it is not hard to find pieces which I have either overlooked, simpply forgot about, was not in a position to take the photograph, or simply didn't exist the first go around. An actual tour or establishment specific set may be coming up soon. For now, enjoy these missing links from downtown and the Clintonville areas. Also, a sneak peak preview of an area not yet covered. Unlike with Santa, peaking is occasionally permitted here!
I am also thinking of doing a holiday neon show of some sort, like a slideshow, perhaps? Actual neon holiday decorations are a rare find, but who knows..I am always on the hunt, so to speak. The photos for this post were taken on Wednesday, Sunday and Monday, 12/10, 12/14-12/15.

The Garden Inn, located on the north end by Cleveland Avenue and I-270.

A copy/fax place on Gay Street, in downtown Columbus.

Christine's Flowers, on N. 3rd Street in downtown Columbus. There is a similarly colored sign inside; when the weather is warmer I hope to snap a better pic of these. Closes so early though it is rarely still on by the time I am off work, and the heavy traffic makes taking pics from the car difficult.

How did I miss this back when I was doing the Clintonville tour, and even my previous revisit last month? What an awesome sign, even if not all of it is lit.

A preview of the short north! Columbus' version of Las Vegas as far as neon goes. Until the campus Gateway came along..I hope to finally cover this area soon. I would have last night, but my battery was low. That and I didn't want to park my 'sleigh' with Santa's sack on High Street.

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