Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two missing link GEMS

Yep..two gems in different geographic areas..caught within about 14 hours of each other! The 5th Avenue Floral Company of the top installations in the city. And remember a few weeks back when I was thinking that the Little Palace overhead sign went dark..well guess what!? I guess they only turn it on during business hours. Explains why it is rarely on when it is dark. This morning was cloudyt and dark enough to enjoy it..and it's also a mover. I taped some animation, which I will post soon. The 5th Avenue floral sign was taken the evening of Wed. 12/3. The Little Palace sign was taken the morning of Thu. 12/4.

The 5th Ave Floral Company, contrary to their name, is not on 5th Avenue, but a mile or two north, at the corner of Kinnear and Kenny Roads. I knew the sign was there, and was glad to have a little time to take it, a red light right in front of the building helped!

The Little Palace Restaurant does light their sign up. I am not sure when the sign dates, but I am guessing before 1970. Anyone notice the mistake on the sign? Point it out and you win a prize!!!


mike said...

"N" is reversed in "Restaurant."

Betty Green said...

lol restauramt spelled wrong lol