Thursday, December 4, 2008

Main/270 Interchange

This area is a busy, mostly commercial area on the east side of town between Whitehall and Reynoldsburg. Since I-270 is an outerbelt, it actually intersects many roads twice, including US 40, which on the east side is E. Main (it is W. Broad Street on the far west side..270 has two Broad/270 interchanges). Nothing fancy here, since most of this development is from the 70's and 80's, and chains abound. Still snapped a few shots in the area, since they really didn't fit the Whitehall/Bexley Main street corridor, nor Reynoldsburg. All pics taken the evening of Wed. 12/3.

I especially like the dual OPEN/CLOSED sign hanging in the window of City Barbeque.

The actual Main 270 Center. A typical 1970s strip mall. Seems to be doing ok now, but was a ghost town just a few years ago. Outback being here helps, along with a large appliance store. This sign seems refurbished too. The neon was barely visible at night and the time/temp section had most bulbs out. That part was taken down. Glad to see the sign looking good!

"Take Away"..Australian for "to go".

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