Monday, December 22, 2008

Year End Clearance

In probably one of my more random posts, I have included several pics that are on my card. All sorts of places, things..whatever is neon-related on my camera, I need to take off so I can make room for the upcoming Christmas pictures. Mostly missing links, but a few extra thingies I found interesting. I may not do another tour until after the new year, but I will try. I am also searching of course for that elusive holiday themed neon sign. Cummon' Santa..come through for me!!!All pics have been taken during the last week or so.

A few missing links from the south side, near Thurman and Lockbourne roads.

Go Bucks! Found this on a window of a house near Summit and 15th Avenues, just east of the OSU campus!

A couple that have went dark it appears. The "Chatterbox" is very much open for business, near the intersection of Parsons and Whittier. What a shame the sign seems to have went dark! Hopefully they will get this back up and running. A lot of dark and ghost neon (oh yes, we will get to 'ghost neon' soon) on the urban south side. The 'carryout' sign, however, will likely stay dark until it is dead and buried. The business, on Ann Street just north of Whittier, seems to have went up in flames. The wreckage stands as of today, most likely what is left will be torn down in short order, along with this vintage sign.

In the window of the Chatterbox. I love these simple old-fashioned beer signs. Pabst was my grandmother's beer, I remember her drinking it when I was a kid 25 years ago. I had never really had PBR until I would say about 4-5 years ago when suddenly a new generation of twenty-somethings made the old brew a cool, hip beer to drink. It's student friendly price probably had a lot to do with it (probably the same reason why my grandmother drank it back in the 70s and 80s). Now it has regained popularity with people of all ages, mostly within Generations X and Y.

It may not count as holiday neon, but neon surrounded by traditional Christmas lights is always pretty. The simple Budweiser sign encircled by a wreath just makes me wanna drink a tall draft beer and spread the Christmas cheer. This can be found at a small neighborhood bar near Town and Country, in Whitehall. The "open" sign was taken at the Alum Creek Marina restaurant building in southern Delaware County. We were there last week for the Fantasy of Lights, and my daughter got to sit on Santa's lap. While none of the lights are neon, unfortunately, the drive-through display is amazing! Definitely puts one in the holiday spirit!

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