Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Whitehall (E. Broad, Yearling Rd.) tour

1. Kroger supermarket, E. Broad/Maplewood
2. US Hair, E. Broad/Maplewood
3. Ange's Pizza, Yearling Rd., Whitehall

4. Duke/Duchess, E. 5th Ave and Yearling Rd. They will card you. Even if you are using a walker, driving a 1957 Caddy and remember World War I.
5. Firestone tire center, E. Broad and Robinwood. Seems all these old places are caled "restone" or "Firest. All three neon signs on this location have some letters out cold.
6. Tattoo parlor, E. Broad and Robinwood, behind Jolly Pirate, which no longer has a neon sign.
7. Quality Stitch. E. Broad in Town and Country shopping center, the oldest surviving strip mall in the USA.
8. Jewelry/Pawn shop, in Town and Country next to US Hair.

Whitehall is admittedly, not the most interesting place in the world as far as neon goes, nor as far as much else goes. Most of the best neon in Whitehall is on E. Main Street (see my previous posts about that area). E. Broad St. , where Town and Country shopping center chugs along after nearly sixty years, has considerably less neon than a decade ago (Where Lowe's now is there was an old fashioned dirty crowded K-Mart complete with large red and blue neon sign). All the pics here were taken the evening of 11/27/07, which was clear and cold..almost perfect for neon photography (anytime of year is nice,but a foggy December night makes neon look extra garish and beautiful at the same time). I hope to get some time in for neon pics between shopping and drinking eggnog over the next month. I am looking forward to the "High Street corridor". Basically from the brewery district (just south of downtown Columbus) up to Worthington is the largest concentration of neon in the city. Starting with the brewery district, through downtown, leading to the Short North which gradually evolves (or devolves, depending how you feel about it) into the OSU campus area which itself is pretty strictly divided into two distinct the more classy and adult oriented Beechwold and old money, to Worthington which is a true suburb, in which, you may mistake it for being somewhere in New England (MAY mistake it). Anyway, enjoy what Whitehall has to offer for now.

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