Thursday, November 15, 2007

A little more from previous photo session

1. Mi Mexico Restaurant, east Main Street, Whitehall (east Columbus), 11/13 ..very good food, inexpensive, and FAST, like most neo-authentic Mexican places around here. Much more authentic Mexican than Taco Bell, Don Pablo's..but probably changed slightly for Americans..the Taco stands which dot Latino areas of the city are probably much more authentic, but it's good food..been a while since I have been here though. Cool small green neon facing Main Street.

2. Miller High Life/High Life Light dual blinking neon..Sunoco station, north Columbus, 11/13. Love the dual blinking sign..the classic red ribbon followed by the blue ribbon of Miller High Life Light, which is relatively new, compared to MHL (maybe it's been around forever but I only remember seing it the last 10 years or so). This was taken with the video maker of my phone, not digital camcorder.

3. Golden Coral, E. Main St., Whitehall, 11/13..a stuff-your-face buffet with several locations around Columbus. Good food usually. Some people hog the cheddar cheese and put a coupld pounds of it on broccoli and baked potato, still believing they are eating healthy. They also want you to know they are open on Thanksgiving from 10-6.

No more photos until I take more, probably tonight. Enjoy!

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