Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Welcome to Columbus Neon

Welcome to my new photo blog, COLUMBUS NEON. While I have many hobbies and interests, I feel the art of neon display and signage deserves a bit of my space and time. This will be a collection of photos, animations, and videos of the neon signs in and around the city of Columbus, Ohio. Neon abounds in nearly every type of place, though we tend to think the best examples are in Las Vegas and the like. True, Vegas has some impressive neon displays, but in small towns, suburbs, and gritty urban areas all over the world one can find unique and beautiful neon. Columbus is no exception. While I would not call it neon capital of the world or anything like that, like all places where businesses exist, Columbus has it's share of neon signs..from the funky, to the exotic, the plain old weird, to the pedestrian. They advertise everything from 14-day 491% APR loans, to houses of worship, to dentists, and of course, beer. Sometimes, they don't advertise anything at all.

While I have collected neon and photos/animations of neon, all the media on this blog will be self produced, by me, unless specified and credited. I will use either my cellphone camera or my digital camcorder, again, unless otherwise noted. A few more self imposed rules as I collect images of Columbus Neon:

1. All signs will be NEON signs only. Incadescent/flourescent lights with plastic covering do not count, UNLESS, it is part of a larger installation which focuses on neon.

2. LED/LCD displays, which in my opinion, may sadly overtake neon in the future the same way traffic lights are being overtaken. Nothing really against LEDs and LCD..they have their place..but they are not neon.

3. Fake neon..any lighting fixture which is not made of glass and gas..again, unless it is a part of a neon-centric display.

4. Any kind of rope lighting, Christmas lights, etc..they are cool..I like them, but they are NOT neon. Again..the exception above remains.

5. I will try to take all pictures during nighttime hours, when the signs are brightest, and hopefully on a dark background. If the sign blinks or "moves" in any way, I will try to make videos or GIFs. Broken signs may be acceptable as long as most of it is visible in a picture. Unlit signs will not be photographed, but will hope to return to the site for a lit-up pic.

6. I will occasionally have road trips. With my life schedule, I highly doubt I will take a trip with the sole purpose of taking neon sign pictures, unless I hit the lottery or move, both of which are pretty doubtful at the moment. However, if I do go out of town, I will have my cameras close by. I would love to go back to where I grew up, on the east coast, for some pictures.

7. I will do my best to identify the approximate location of the sign, date/time taken, and possibly some background information regarding the signs' origin, owner, etc.

8. All feedback, suggestions, comments are welcome!

Now as of today, I have not yet started snapping pictures intended for this blog, but I do have a picture I took on my phone last week.

Joy To Go Chinese Restaurant, E. Main Street, Columbus., 11/06/07. This restaurant opened earlier this year across the street from a new Wal Mart , in a new strip center (called "Shoppes" of course). I have had food here a couple times..very good and decent prices..reminds me of Chinese-American food on the east coast. Very good General Tsos and good, fresh veggies.

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