Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New pictures from 11/13/07

New neon photos taken around Columbus last night, 11/13/2007

1. Sequoia Pro Bowl, North End of Columbus. A bowling center tucked into a primarily residential neighborhood. Very nice bowling center in which I once bowled a league several years ago (I still do bowl but at a different bowling center). Featured the Motel 6 "Roll to Riches" PBA tournament here last winter, seen on ESPN and was recently on ESPN Classic!

2. PRIZM Hair Designs..a salon next to the Sequoia Pro Bowl. Interestingly, the salon is in the lower level of an American Legion builing and this window is acually at street level. Probably one of the 'lower' neon signs I will photograph.

3. Graves Piano and Organ, Karl and Rt. 161, north end. A piano and organ store which also features lessons. Expensive stuff in here. My guess is that the sign dates at least 30 years old, probably older (the area itself was developed in the mid 1960s, so it's not ancient, but probably old).

4. Doll House, Karl Rd. and Rt. 161 near Graves Piano. I am sure you can guess what type of business this is. A lot of these establishments will be losing money if the "no touch" ordinance recently passed remains in effect for long. They have to close at midnight instead of the usual 2:00 or 2:30AM for other bars and clubs in the city unless they stop all dancing and stop serving alcohol. Not the most wholesome of establishments, but who am I to judge? I knew a few of the dancers at this place and most really are just young women wanting to feed their children. They never hurt or traumatized me. As long as it isn't next to a school or daycare center, I don't think it's my business what people do. Nice bi-colored sign too.

5. Rose Louise Hair Salon Part II, Cleveland Avenue, north side. I don't know much about this salon, located in a borderline area of the city. Nice sign the scissors!

6। Flowerama, north side. Simple green sign stating that they do funeral arrangements. In contrast to getting your hair done, bowling, buying a piano, or getting a lapdance, proof that neon can be used to sell almost anything. A funeral arrangement is not something people usually look forward to buying, but, if you need one, the bright green glow lets you know they will make one for you.

7.Rally's Hamburgers, E. Broad St. and S. James Rd., east side. This same chain (a couple dozen locations around Columbus maybe) is called "Checkers" in some other states, mostly in the south. Cheap, greasy food popular with people who are too drunk for a sit down meal but not drunk enough for White Castle (most Waffle Houses don't use neon signs..sorry). For fast food it's not bad and their milkshakes are tasty, especially the banana.

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